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Practice speaking

Speech-2-text input

Practice your speaking skills through reading or listening and repeating. Compare your pronunciation with native Japanese and pin down those tricky words and expressions. Repeat, repeat and repeat again and those long tricky sentences will eventually come naturally.

Practice reading

Stuff you can understand

Reading Japanese is much harder than speaking it, kanji is difficult. We don’t think this should stop you from reading. Reading is a great way of expanding your vocabulary and learn expressions. We offer content with guidance and level grading to match where you are in your learning.

Practice writing

Read, Write, Repeat

Through writing, making up sentences or simply repeating sentences, you are more likely to remember them the next time you need them. Write by hand or shadow our examples of actual, natural, both formal and informal Japanese.

Shuuji Master

Do you love Japanese writing? That’s awesome, but how to improve if you don’t happen to have a local calligraphy course?

We want to help you! Writing Japanese requires lots of practice. You can practice a lot on paper but without correction and guidance you might end up learning it wrong.

Shuuji Master teaches you where your strokes are wrong, the balance is off and helps you track your progress towards.

Features include:

  • Learning step by step, one stroke at a time.
  • Practice not just recognition but stroke order and balance. Make it look great.
  • Not only kanji but full sentences. Mix it up with hiragana and katakana.
  • Measuring your success on actual paper. Scan exercise sheets and track your progress.

Japanese for You

Learned a bit of Japanese already? Hard to find books/manga to practice with? Don’t have time to sit down and read with the dictionary next to you?


Japanese for you gives you bite-size reading. Fun, short strips to practice with as you can, when you can.

Features include:

  • Constantly expanding library of fun original content
  • Speech recognition, practice your pronunciation and reading speed
  • Romaji to Hiragana input, learn to read by writing
  • Translations, explanations and furigana, you can now read even if you don’t know every single word

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Another app? What about duolingo?

It’s great! It has a lot of good ways to study vocabulary. Maybe we can help with the most difficult part of Japanese though, Kanji? Or maybe our set of Japanese content can help your studies?

I'm in a class

Classes are one of the best ways to learn and practice Japanese but it is expensive and your teacher cannot be with you every hour of the day. Chances are you need to practice in between lessons or after your course has completed.


I'm using quizlet already.

No need to stop. Quizlet is great for organising your study sets and wherever technology goes, flashcards will likely remain. That is why we are aiming to integrate with Quizlet so you can bring all those lists you and others created and practice with our exercises!

Our founder, David

11 years to say hello

Hajimemashite! Hi! My name is David. I had my first Japanese lesson somewhere in 2005 and moved to Japan 2016, almost 11 years later only to find my Japanese had only marginally improved since. Studying Japanese is hard. Really hard. For English speakers, it’s rated a 5 of 5 possible, together with Chinese and Arabic. To read a newspaper you need to know thousands of Kanji and chances are you’ll meet very few Japanese to practice with before going there.

I worked as an engineer for Japanese company and at the same time studied hard to increase my skill. All the time thinking that there has to be a better way. Japapps is my giving back to an online community of great tools and to help myself and others get to enjoy Japanese, easier and more effectively. I hope you’ll like it.

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